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Privacy Policy

All personal data of the user is strictly protected and the company Mundus viridis d.o.o. does not have access to it.

The company Mundus viridis d.o.o. undertakes to protect all personal data of the customers by collecting only necessary, basic data about the customers/users, required for the fulfilment of our obligations; to inform customers of how the collected data is used; to regularly give customers the possibility to choose how they want their information to be used, including the possibility to opt whether or not they want their name to be excluded from the lists used for marketing campaigns.

Terms and Conditions of Use

The web site mundus-viridis.hr has been launched and operated by Mundus viridis d.o.o. (hereinafter: “Mundus viridis” or “the Company”).

With the first and every subsequent use of the web site, it shall be considered that you are entirely familiar with these Terms and Conditions and that you understand and accept them. If you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions, please do not access the web site or use its contents. If you have any questions or doubts about our Terms and Conditions, please contact us by e-mail at info@mundus-viridis.hr.

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By using the contents of these web pages, the user accepts the risks which may arise from using these web pages and accepts to use the contents of these web pages exclusively for personal use and at his/her own responsibility.

Mundus viridis fully disclaims any liability in any way arising from or in any way related to the use of these web pages or to any user activity that involves the use or misuse of contents of these web pages, or for any losses that may occur to the user or any other third party in connection with the use or misuse of the contents of these web pages.

Mundus viridis disclaims any liability related to Materials submitted by third parties.

If the web site provides the possibility of establishing links to other web sites that are completely out of our control or influence, the Company shall not be responsible for the accuracy and completeness of content of such web sites or for any negative consequences that may arise from the use of other web sites.

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Information Security

Your confidential and personal information is handled with due care and responsibility.
All information that you enter on our web pages is secure and protected, with strict access control mechanisms.
Your personal information, such as e-mail address, is stored into a secure system accessible only by authorized employees.

Consent to Use of Data

The user consents and acknowledges that the use of Mundus viridis web pages is exclusively at his/her own responsibility. The user agrees and confirms that the company Mundus viridis is not responsible for inappropriate or illegal behaviour of other users or third parties and that the risk of any losses incurred as a result of the aforementioned activities is borne entirely by the user.

This disclaimer pertains to any losses caused by any error, deletion, interruption, computer virus, malfunction, delay in operation or transmission, communication line failure, theft, contract termination, destruction or unauthorized access, change or misuse of records, inappropriate behaviour, negligence, or any other such activity.

The user acknowledges that the Terms and Conditions in this chapter apply to the entire content of the Mundus viridis web site.